Antivirus X-Out

Advanced, Accurate Virus & Malware Detection

CIS’s antivirus X-Out infrastructure is designed based on the highest standard protocol virus discovery with the latest malware signature detection incorporated within its database. X-Out antivirus demonstrates very accurate detection within MAC OS environment with superior results as compared to peer products currently on the market.

Comprehensive and Convenient

CIS’s designers and developers managed to create a comprehensive, intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and use, because the features are illustrated in a non-technical and simple to understand language.

Regular updates

The X-Out antivirus application is managed and maintained on an ongoing basis to ensure the latest bug and virus signatures are recognized and immediately incorporated within the database in order to mitigate vulnerabilities and exploits.

24/7 Customer Support Channels

CIS provides the best solutions to ensure that their customers are receiving unsurpassed technical support through several available channels.

about Antivirus X-Out

The antivirus X-Out has a unique engineering concept and design, based on an interactive infrastructure within the malware environment. It is an evolution of what the industry currently has to offer - next generation within the framework. With over two decades of experience in cybersecurity within the Intell community and private sector, CIS managed to create and develop a masterpiece of the malware world, based on cutting-edge detection protocol and virus’s isolation. X-out malware was conceptualized as a result of the drastic increase of malware threats against the MAC OS and Apple devices.

X-Out was engineered based on CIS’s proprietary algorithms that isolate MAC OS malware. The application has an ergonomic approach with a robust software design that combines two malware detection algorithms that perform seamlessly within MAC OS integration. Additionally, X-Out incorporated support for Boot Camp users within the OS, by integrating the ClamAV algorithm capable of detecting and isolating Windows OS potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Superior features

Here are some notable features of the Antivirus X-Out

Why Antivirus X-Out?

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The X-out is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, the application is outfitted with a “Perform Scan Button” within the Main Dashboard to initiate a vulnerability assessment. Once a potential threat is detected it is instantly displayed within the output menu and offers the option of annihilation and deletion of the virus or malware.

1. Highlight (click) the detected file within the “detected files” displayed menu
2. Press the Reveal Button
3. Delete the file manually

If the selected/detected file or folder is hidden, the Finder Utility will automatically open; within the utility window press the CMD (⌘) + SHIFT (⇧) + period (.) sequence to make it visible
If the file is already unhidden, ignore the above instructions and continue with the next step in the process
If any additional issues occur, please contact us directly through the email support platform.

Contact us by using the support section located inside of the application, to receive the best advice in regards to your problem.

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